• Immersion | Art and Technology Workshops @ The 9th Shanghai Biennial 2012

  • Immersion | Art and Technology Workshops project were commissioned as one of the three large workshops that constituted the educational program in the 9th Shanghai Biennial 2012, The Academy of Reciprocal Enlightenment.

    The Academy of Reciprocal Enlightenment, the 9th Shanghai Biennial 2012

    The theme of the 2012 Shanghai Biennale is Reactivation, emphasises the propositions including social mobilisation and structure of the community, and implies the critical role of education. Thus, the curatorial team decides to place seminars, lectures and other communication events into the framework of short-term training program. We replace the usual forum and lecture with the means of short-term training program in autumn to pursue the efficiency and production of communication.

    The program is named “the Academy of Reciprocal Enlightenment”, as “Academy” refers to a Platonic-style community of wisdom and criticism. It embodies our educational philosophy: education is a self-governing action by learner communities, which serve as a platform of exchanges and dissemination of opinions.


    Immersion | Art and Technology Workshops

    IMMERSION is an experiment, a free state of mind between real and unreal where human consciousness is drawn away from the physical world to reach non-linear time and space. In the artistic field, IMMERSION specifically refers to Virtual Art, very often in a three dimensional environment, using interactivity and Virtual Reality (VR) to immerse the viewer into a computer art world based on aesthetic-technological logic and expression.

    Responding to the 9th Shanghai Biennial’s theme of “Reactivation”, we attempt to track the history of art and technology through our workshops focusing on the theme of IMMERSION in order to redefine the field and its development in the future, thus to reflect on the man and the social environment he’s living.

    Our program will gather a group of international key figures, which greatly contributed the discipline’s evolution, to deliver a series of lectures combining theoretical studies and workshops to communicate with creators and researchers in China.

    25 young art professionals attended the two week long workshops by applying for the classes through the worldwide Open Call procedure. They came from different cities in China, Europe and North America; most were artists, with a few others having backgrounds in science, engineering, technology, art editorial, curatorial and management. All workshops’ participants were expected to have a solid understanding of the history of theme of IMMERSION, and handle the basic technical skills at the end of the program. They also had the opportunity to interact with the Biennial’s major artists and curators as well as other important personalities in the Chinese art scene.

    Curated by: Xiaoying Juliette Yuan
    Time: Oct. 3-14, 2012
    Language: English

    Contributing lecturers and classes (click on the class’ title to get detailed information)
    Roy Ascott [UK] | GroudCourse: From Cybernetics to Technoetics
    Graham Harwood [UK] | Data Immersion [in collaboration with Ilya Eric Shih-Chieh Lee (TW)]
    Ulf Langheinrich [Germany | HK] | Strategies of Immersion in Sound and Image towards a total Field Experience
    Dr. Linda C.H. Lai [HK] | Micro Narratives: Descriptions of Invented Time & Space
    Joseph Nechvatal [USA | FR] | The Art of Noise
    Ilya Eric (Shih-Chieh) Lee [TW] | Data Immersion (in collaboration with Graham Harwood [UK])
    Jeffrey Shaw [Australia | HK] | Fall again. Fall better

    Daily class schedule