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  • Transcultural Tendencies | Transmedial Transactions

    Special Issue in Technoetic Arts Journal [Volume 10 Issue 2 & 3]

    About Technoetic Arts Journal

    Technoetic Arts Journal focuses upon the juncture between art, technology and the mind. Divisions between academic areas of study, once rigidly fixed, are gradually dissolving due to developments in science and cultural practice. This fusion has had a dramatic effect upon the scope of various disciplines. In particular, the profile of art has radically evolved in our present technological culture.

    Technoetic Arts Journal is founded and edited by Roy Ascott, published by Intellect Ltd. UK.

    About the Special Issue Transcultural Tendencies | Transmedial Transactions

    Guest editor: Xiaoying Juliette Yuan

    Production manager: Bethan Ball (Intellect Books)

    Language: English (with Chinese contributors’ essays in both English and Chinese)


    The special issue Transcultural Tendencies | Transmedial Transactions conference proceeding is the only official publication for Transcultural Tendencies | Trensmedial Transactions: International Research Conference on Media Arts held in Shanghai in 2011.

    August 26 & 27, 2011, Shanghai Institute of Visual Art (SIVA, Fudan University) and the Planetary of Collegium (PC, University of Plymouth) co-presented the first large international conference dedicated to the research on the development of Art, Technology and Consciousness in Shanghai, Transcultural Tendencies | Transmedial Transactions. The conference gathered 50 speakers from North America, Europe and Asia, including pioneer and young experts, researchers, artists, educators, scientists and scholars from different backgrounds, to deliver the most cutting-edge research and creations in art inspired by various scientific disciplines such as Human Consciousness, Telematics, Neuroscience, Science of Gene, Nano Technology, Pharmacology, Quantum Physics and Astronomy. With the intervention of a group of specialists in History, Eastern Philosophy, Human Science, Sociology and Economics, the conference attempted to foresee the future of Media Arts and their interaction with contemporary human society.

    The conference project was convened by Jieming Hu, the Vice-Dean of the College of New Media Art at SIVA, curated by Xiaoying Juliette Yuan, co-directed by Roy Ascott, the founding President of the PC.