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    Session Four: Practice

    Time: September 6, 2009 | Sunday, 2-6pm

    Venue: Beijing Trainspotting Salon, No.46 Fangjia Hutong, Dongcheng District, Beijing

    Speakers and Topics

    Zhenjun Du (Meida Artist, China | France), Digital makes the world crazy

    Richard Castelli (Producer, curator, founder of Epidemic, France), The Pleasure of the Creation

    Sylvain Levy (Chairman of DSL Art Foundation in France), Art is about connecting people. A collection should be a risk taking pioneer. A permanent laboratory.

    See An introduction to “Practice” – Xiaoying Juliette Yuan dialogues with Zhenjun Du, Richard Castelli and Sylvain Levy

    The 4th edition of Uncertain Future aims to discuss different issues related to New Media Art practice. Practice does not only involve the topic of creation, but also includes activities and professions such as curatorial, production, marketing and collection.

    As one of the first European countries to enter into the New Media Art research area, France, after a decades long meteoric rise in cross-disciplinary experimental projects, recently started encountering difficulties on further achievements. The path that France has followed is quite representative of all other western countries researching in the same field.

    In collaboration with France-based artist Zhenjun Dus solo exhibition at the Tang Contemporary, three guest lecturers from creation, curatorial/production, and collection will attend our 4th“Uncertain Future, New Media & Games” on Sept. 6th.

    Zhenjun Du is a Chinese artist who researches and practices New Media Art in France. Being Chinese living abroad, he is also one of the rare creators who only survive on their art works. From a common teacher of sculpture at the Fine Art College of Shanghai University to a great artist whose works are now collected by numerous art organizations around the world, Du’s achievements are not simply in New Media Art research, but on his behaviour as a creator that provides a standard for his contemporaries.

    Richard Castelli is amongst the first generation of producers and curators who started working in New Media Art in its early development in France. His partners come from all over the world and his projects cover diverse fields such as contemporary art, performing arts and architecture. Richard Castelli also is one of the first European producers who experimented in cross-disciplinary projects with success. Having worked as chief-curator for number of important international festivals and exhibitions, his media arts production company Epidemic started to represent a number of well known artists from Europe, North America and Asia. In additional of these achievements, Richard Castelli is also a dynamic supporter of young artists from different countries.

    Sylvain Levy and his wife Dominique Levy have been active as professional collectors for 25 years, and founded their DSL Collection in France in 2005. The collection includes works of many well known Chinese contemporary artists among which there are a number of media art installations. They consider Media Art different from other art forms when discussing their collection in terms of both concept and investment.

    The traditional art promotion system and collection concept have been questioned when artistic creations are based on cross-disciplines and technology. Emerging problems, doubts, and difficulties which appear at various operational levels of art collection are also a concern for the collectors.

    Our three guest lecturers will share their experience working in different fields, hoping that their analysis of varied subjects in new media art will provide useful suggestions for their Chinese colleagues, and that their exchange will contribute to  the resolution of those yet unresolved problems in this dynamic research field.

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