• Cloud.data 2010 @ 2013 New York Electronic Art Festival

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    Cloud.data. 2010. iPhone/iPad app, 58x29cm, acrylic iPad, soud. Interactive iPhone/iPad installation. Image courtesy © the producer (Xiaoying Juliette Yuan)

    Curator: Carol Parkinson

    Producer in New York: Xiaoying Juliette Yuan

    Opening: June 15th, 2013, Saturday, 12-6pm

    Duration: June 15th – September 2nd, every Saturday & Sunday, 2013

    Venue: WAVEFORMS group exhibition, St Cornelius Chapel, Governors Island, NY, USA

    Admission: Free

    In this installation at Governors Island’s St. Cornelius Chapel, Cloud.data simulates a small region of a dark sky, but in the other way this matrix is able to contain a boundless 3-dimension sky of a digital reality. Clouds generated by the artist’s computing language are seen flying over the screen… So how do we feel the textile dimension, the color, or even temperature… of a virtual object? Apparently, we very much rely on the knowledge understanding of the technology application, but maybe in the not far future, a sixth sense will finally be simulated in human body to deal with the cyber reality.

    Xu Wenkai aka Aaajiao is also one of the artists featured in Lost in the Labyrinth: Sound Art in China curated by Xiaoying Juliette Yuan. This event is part of 2013 New York Electronic Art Festival organised by Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Centre.

    Xu Wenkai aka Aaajiao is one of the most influential emerging artists in the visual arts field in China. His creations focus on the alliance of art, science and technology; data as the critical element to re-structure contemporary human society is the main theme of his research. By collecting, retrieving, re-combining and re-shaping data, Xu Wenkai is trying to deconstruct then re-establish contemporary human society, with humans themselves as the creators of this society with their understanding and attitude of life. How much could data, in combine with great innovation and rubbish by humans, contribute to the development of society? What role does it play in it? We would rather take the artist’s questions as an opportunity to reflect on our own life than only take them as a solution from the artist to shape data into a physical form.

    Another version of Cloud.data

    Video Installation, 12 × screen acrylic mirror algorithm for cloud water, mixing materials, 210 × 75 × 200cm

    Cloud.data at WAVEFORMS group exhibition (St Cornelius Chapel) onsite photos

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