• Uncertain Future: Forum on Uncertain Future

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    Session One: Forum on Uncertain Future

    The forum is co-hosted by several experts focusing on new media art research and practice, with an overview on how pluri-disciplinary projects are realised in China, and the themes to be covered in the next sessions.

    Time: April 11, 2009 | Saturday, 2-4pm

    Venue: Beijing Art Museum of Imperial City (Multi-function hall)

    Guest speakers (partial)

    Huang Du | Independent curator, art critic

    Wang Jianwei | Artist

    Ma Gang | Professor Central Academy of Fine Arts

    Wang Hui | Founding partner Urbanus Architecture & Design

    Lin Chi-Wei | Media artist

    Wei Xing | Curator Tang Contemporary Art [currently Independent Curator]

    Onsite photos

    Session Two: Sound

    Session Three: Space

    Session Four: Practice

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