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    Curatorial assistance / Project management: Yida He

    Uncertain Future, New Media Art & Games is an educational art project, based on a series of panel discussions, which takes the development of new media art in China as its research target.

    New Media Art in China started when Chinese artists incorporated DV technology into their works in the year 90s. The discipline took a different evolutionary track from that in the west. The project tries to present the current research on the discipline and its development since it was introduced as an “imported art” in China. The guest speakers will share their insight as to the discipline’s future advancement and influence on Chinese society, culture, and lifestyle.

    The project encompasses monthly panel discussions to be held between April through September 2009. Each panel will be presented by guest speakers from different fields such as contemporary art, music, dance, architecture, engineering, science. The project is envisioned as an experimental field where the audience’s exposure to the speakers will enable them to further their own inquiry into the uncertain future of new media art.

    Session One: Forum on Uncertain Future

    Session Two: Sound

    Session Three: Space

    Session Four: Practice

    The project is made possible by the generous support from

    Beijing Art Museum of Imperial City, China Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA),  Beijing Trainspotting Cultural Salon, Beijing Tang Contemporary Art Gallery