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    The global impulse in new media art brings together disparate theories and practices from old and new societies, ancient and speculative philosophies, traditional and emergent technologies, into new conjunctions and configurations. There are transformative notions of place and presence, private and social, mind and machine. At the interface of sensibilities and systems, all that is solid melts into air…

    These issues form the background of the conference of artists, scholars, scientists, and engineers that will constitute Consciousness Reframed at SIVA, convened by Professor HU, Vice-Dean of the College of New Media Art [SIVA, Fudan University] and co-directed by Professor Roy Ascott, Founding President of the Planetary Collegium.

    Hosting Organization

    Shanghai Institute of Visual Art, Fudan University

    Shanghai Institute of Visual Art, Fudan University [SIVA] is a new art and design institute with independent legal status approved by the Ministry of Education, initiated by Fudan University, Shanghai Media & Entertainment Group, Wenhui-Xinmin United Press Group, Shanghai World-Expo [Group] Co., Ltd., Shanghai Jovian Investment Co., Ltd., Shanghai Jovian Property [Group] Co., Ltd., Shanghai Shenjiao Investment Co., Ltd., and Shanda Interactive Entertainment Co., Ltd.

    Aiming to be one of the leading art and design institutes in the world, SIVA adopts a teaching philosophy in line with the latest trends in international visual arts. We strive to produce interdisciplinary artists, designers and management professionals with international vision, creativity, adept skills, and a deep understanding of humanities.

    Co-­Hosting Organization

    Planetary Collegium University of Plymouth [PC], UK

    The Planetary Collegium is an international platform for research in art, technology and consciousness, with its hub based in the University of Plymouth, with linked centers [Nodes] in Zurich and Milan. Its president is Roy Ascott.

    The collegium consists of artists, theoreticians and scholars who meet online, and periodically face-to-face in many parts of the world, to develop their research in the practice and theory of new media art with a special interest in telematics and technoetic. Their doctoral research leads to the award of the University of Plymouth Ph.D.. Post-doctoral research is also pursued. Within the context of transdisciplinary and syncretism, the collegium promotes the integration of art, science, technology, and consciousness research within a post-biological culture. In addition to doctoral candidates and graduates, supervisors and honorary members, its constituency also includes general members, who share the aims and interests of the Collegium, and are invited to participate in its development. It was founded in 1994 at the University of Wales College, Newport as the Centre for Advanced Inquiry in the Interactive Arts [CAiiA] by Roy Ascott, who three years later established STAR [Science Technology and Art Research] in the School of Computing, the University of Plymouth. CAiiA-STAR constituted a joint research platform, with access to supervisory and technical resources of both universities. In 2003, Ascott relocated the platform as a whole to the University of Plymouth, renaming it the Planetary Collegium. It has attracted an impressive number of internationally well-established artists, musicians, performers, designers, architects, theorists and scholars involved in doctoral and post-doctoral research. With its geographically dispersed members and frequent research sessions and public conferences in Asia, Australia, the Americas and Europe, it constitutes a worldwide research community. The hub of the collegium, CAiiA-Hub [the Centre for Advanced Inquiry in Integrative Arts] is situated in the School of Art and Media, Faculty of Arts, the University of Plymouth. Its Nodes are M-Node in Milan and Z-Node in Zurich. Since 1997, the Collegium has given over twenty five conferences and symposia in Europe, North and South America, Japan, China and Australia.

    Schedule: August 26 – 27, 2011 | 9am – 6pm

    Venue: 4F, SIVA Information Center, Building 3, SIVA, Fudan University, Shanghai, N2200, Wenxiang Rd, Songjiang District, Shanghai

    Speakers | Topics

    50 speakers attended the conference, delivered various topics related to the research on art, science and technology in two days, online or on site, at three venues, illustrated by 8 keynote speeches by Jieming Hu (CN), Roy Ascott (UK), Roger Malina (FR), Christiane Paul (USA), Victoria Vesna (USA), Feng Mengbo (CN), Richard Castelli (FR), and Soh-Yeong Roh (South Korea). Click here to see detailed information on Speakers | Topics.

    Related events

    August 21, 2pm – 6pm
    Roy Ascott Technoetics – Transmedia art and the future workshop at Xindanwei, Yongjia Rd 50, Xuhui District, Shanghai, China

    August 26, 2011, 6pm
    Planetary Collegium Poster Exhibition Opening at 4F, SIVA Information Center Building 3, SIVA, Fudan University, Shanghai, N2200, Wenxiang Rd, Songjiang District, Shanghai
    [Free Admission]

    August 28, 2011, 7pm
    Minsheng Art Museum+SIVA Dinner Party at Switzerland Hall, Minsheng Art Museum, Building F, N570 Red Town District, West Huaihai Rd., Shanghai
    [By Invitation only]

    Sponsors and supported institutions

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    Operation Team

    Academic Directors

    Jieming Hu, Vice-Dean College of New Media Art, Shanghai Institute of Visual Art, Fudan University, Shanghai, China

    Roy Ascott, President Planetary Collegium, University of Plymouth, UK

    Project Planner / Director: Xiaoying Juliette Yuan

    Assistant Execution / Media Promotion: Yueh-Hsun Joy Lu

    Media promotion assistant: Jing Li

    Administration: Ye Zhong

    Design concept: THINK Design

    Design realisation: Xian Du, Haosheng Wang

    Official websitehttp://tttt.artlinkart.com



    Technoetic Arts Journal 

    Volume 10 Issue 2-3 Transcultural Tendencies | Transmedia Transactions (special issue)

    Editor: Roy Ascott | Guest editor: Xiaoying Juliette Yuan | Production manager: Bethan Ball


    ISSN: 1477965X | Online ISSN: 17589533

    Published by Intellect Ltd. (UK), 2012