• The 2nd Chengdu Biennial 2005

  • The 2nd Chengdu Biennial 2005 China

    Geert Mul (Rotterdam, the Netherlands), Tiles and Drawings, 2005

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    Real-time generative installation | 2400 Chinese and Dutch childrens’ drawings projected on street tiles using image analyses software | Commissioned by the 2ne Chengdu Biennial 2005 China

    Production: Mothership Rotterdam / Xiaoying Julliette Yuan

    Software: Calo Prelz

    Supported by Beam Systems Amsterdam

    Artist’s biomaxresdefault

    Geert Mul (b.1965) studied at the Academy of the Arts at Arnhem from 1985 until 1990 where he eventually specialized in computer animation. From 1990 till 1993 he travelled various countries such as Mexico and the U.S.A and lived in Tokyo Japan. The audio and video recordings made during these journeys were later exhibited in Dutch art spaces.

    To become financially independent, Mul, in the mid- 90’s, started to create video screenings combined with pop music for a Rotterdam discotheque, which marks his first steps as a VJ performer. These events grew into interactive video and audio environments, in a variety of settings: museums, pop festivals, public-space and concert halls. In his work Mul addresses the function of the space it will inhabit, varying from hectic discotheques, art-events, musea or public space. From 2000 on Mul made site-specific installations and art-works in Holland, U.S.A., Italy, Spain, India, Japan, China and South Africa.

    Tiles and Drawings, 2005 | Commissioned by the 2nd Chengdu Biennial 2005 China | Images courtesy the artist

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