• Application doer and venue arranger

  • February 7, 2014

    These days I feel more and more confronting the big problem becoming an application doer. The risk is imposed by the North America system where curators and artists all have to go through the heavy application process before they go anywhere with their ideas, concepts or proposals.

    On the list of organisations I’m planning to contact for Curating Process, half requires to go through applications. On one hand, artists working with me do not hesitate to share all their resources especially where there are applications to submit; one the other, I found myself immersed in dozen of applications for various venues in New York city, with different deadlines that fill out my entire calendar.

    Communicate with artists, figure out a reasonable way to work together seems critical in my own curatorial process. The struggles that are emerging in my curatorial process made me think over and over the function of curators in these complex projects: Who are we, and what are we supposed to do when working with artists in such a heavy system built on applications?

    Is the collaboration between curators and artists within such a system the same thing as an application maker, or a venue arranger, or, the assistant to the artists?